Signup step 1 - Personal Information

last update:2015-Tuesday, September 1

What are the percentages of earnings as camgirl?

50% fixed as written in the contract, but you can get to earn up to 90% thanks to the affiliate program as explained below.

If I bring new users to your website increases my gain?

If you bring a new Member of PUNTOCAMS through your affiliate links earn 40% more (affiliate program offers commissions on sales * Pay Per Sale * .For example: If the user that you just brought on our site via your link affiliate buys a package from 3019 credits. a value of 360 euro your earnings will be 144 euro

Minimum threshold for request a payment as AFFILIATES?

We pay only via Payoneer.Minimum 20 euro

How to become an affiliate?

Copy and paste the following link into your browser and follow all steps

Any questions / doubts in the registration process as affiliated?

I'll give you some info on how to fill in the fields: in the "Site Name" (if you do not have a personal website you can put for example: your nickname you use as a model);

in the "Website URL" (unless you have a URL for example: you can put for example: www.yournicknameperformer .com);

in the field "I want to order now" (if you already have a Payoneer card in this field write "NO" if you do not have a card Payoneer but you want to order a write "YES";

in the field "I am in possession" if you have a card Payoneer write "YES" if you have the card payoneer write "NO"

0.0 What is the minimum threshold for requesting a payment as CAMGIRL?


0.1 How much I can earn for minute in a private session?

We start with a minimum of 1.00 € / min up to 2.50 € / min

02. I just finished a Private, I can already require the payment on my Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard?

No.You must expect that our system generates the payment every 7 days

0.3 How much does charge a fee of Payoneer MasterCard Prepaid Card?

You will not have any cost.

0.4 How do I request payment?

You do not have to do anything because our payments system does this automatically every 7 days

0.5 Can I ask for payment in advance?


0.6 How do I know that the payment was sent out of your system?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation by Payoneer Mastercard.

0.7 also bank transfer?

Unfortunately still pay only about Payoneer

0.8 When will I get paid?

PUNTOCAMS will make every effort to pay within 7 working days of the end of each pay period, and no later than within 28 days of the end of each pay period if the balance is greater than the minimum required for the chosen payment method.

0.9 I can work simultaneously on other competing sites?

Sure you can work on any site.

0.9.1 I received an email from a user while I was offline, I can reply directly from my account without e-mail account that I connect to the Perfomer account?

No. To be able to respond on the Message you need to login into Your account Model.

1 How to earn on

On are several ways to earn:Tips OFFLINE,True Private,Private,Spy,Group Show,Tips,Photo Gallery,Videos,Messages Inbox

Tips Offline: a tool with which our users can send gifts even when you're offline

TRUE PRIVATE: Session Fee 1:1 the Other Users can not Enter-Spy on the show, can not read what you write in the chat.

PRIVATE: the session fee where other users can Spy on Private Show but can not read what you write in chat.

SPY: The session fee when the USER enters the room to spy on the video content but can not see what is written in Chat.

GROUP SHOW: Payment in session where the Performer (model) can choose to go, and where it should be mandatory naked waiting for a user or multiple users entering her room to do Group Show.maximum of 5 users, they can send the Tips or request a new session for a fee as Private or Private True.

It is not allowed to enter the models in Group Show and leaving the empty room only for the purpose of cheating the user and to accumulate credits.

You can use the tool Group Show even when you're in Private on another site, and work in the same time .

How you do?while gains on the competitor's site if you put yourself in the session Group Show on PUNTOCAMS and a user wants to enter to browse what's happening in your show will have a gain from all both sides.

TIPS: (gifts): A tool that allows the sending of gifts by the users, for example, to do a show in Free Chat where you can also use the tool Topic (Title).

TOPIC: You can use this tool for example when you are in Free Chat and want to accumulate 100 chips (10.00 euro), then write in your Topic 100 chips to be topless 2 minutes (when a user enters your room will see your topic and if will be interested to participate can achieve your Goal)

PHOTO GALLERY: You can earn by uploading your photos (the photos must be of your property) in the Photo Gallery for free . Set your rate (price) for the entire Photo Gallery: When the user decides to buy the Photo Gallery have the ability to see the latest photos as well as those that you upload in the future.

Can I upload the same photos that I have also uploaded on other sites where i work?

Puntocams not accept photos that a model has already uploaded on other sites, please put photos exclusively for our site.

To check if a photo of your property and is not already on another site, visit load the photos you want to include, if the search does not give you any results mean that your photos has never been charged in the network and so it's good to be loaded on puntocams.

VIDEO.For be able to sell a video you need to log in your account and record your video in real time, you can choose how / when to make the recording: when you're in Private, Group show, True private, etc..

When you want to start recording your video click "Register" you will find the top left of your page while you are live on puntocams, Once you have finished recording, click again on the "Register" button to finish recording your video, then you have to go in: MY SETTINGS> VIDEO> where you can set your video as free or for a fee and then you can set the price of Your Video, if you do not set any price then the Video will be posted FREE automatically in real time in your Profile.

Puntocams recommend setting 10 chips (1.00 EURO) per minute/video , but it's up to you to decide the price of your Video

MESSAGES. Each time you receive a message from a user gains your percentage, more messages you receive the higher your Gain. For write a new message go to your account> Messaging> New message and you can send the messages to our users going to Messages > Compose where you will find a dropdown with all of our users Nickname and click start to greet our users obviously the cost of sending and free, and if users respond to your message your percentage gains

2.I have seen the writing on the site Online, Offline, New what do they mean?

ONLINE: it means that only the Model and logoed to your account FREE CHAT: The Model is located in a live session is not a payment to be known but may become a session if it receives a payment of Tips or she is invited in as Private sessions for a fee, etc.. ONLINE: Model is not connected to the site. NEW: Model just registered.

2.1 Where / how you play the show?

The show takes place only on our website, in the various sessions for a fee as we wrote in step 1.

2.2 Can I use my skype contact or should I just use Puntocams chat?

It is forbidden to exchange contacts as explained in paragraph 20, as mentioned in point 3 and 4 must not be present can also be online which means only logoed on our site, or it can make money with the Photo Gallery or Video and also when not logoed for example when you go to shopping.

3. Can be waiting Online the meantime that a user sends me a message in my account inviting me in a session for a fee?

Of course you can stay only logoed waiting for someone too call you in a session for a fee.

4 .I can not stand ONLINE because I have to go to the store, I'm on vacation, etc so my account will be automatically put into OFFLINE, as I realize that a user wants to call me in Private, Private True, etc?

To be able to call in Private / Private True the user must send a message that will arrive to you in real time on your email address which you used for registration of Puntocams.

How does this work?

The user must go into your profile and click Send Messagge / E-mail, if in that moment you are offline for various reasons the message will be sent to your account model both e-mail address.

The user who sent you the message can know your email address?


So if you see the e-mails in real time on your mobile device you can possibly put you d agree with the user at what time you can find yourself in chat

6. Can I set a schedule so the users know when they see me in Chat?

Sure.In your account you will find this tool.

7. I want to go live on the site but do not want to go in Free Chat (no session fee) because all user see me without paying and i dont want to chat for free .How can I do?

If you do not want to go in Free Chat, you can go to a session surcharge Group Show, each time a user enters your room will pay the rate per minute that you have set.

8. The users know me better if I'm stay in Free Chat?

If you're in Free Chat Members you may know better and you have more chance to Private.

9.Can I earn even when they are offline?

You can earn by uploading: photo gallery for payment and recording of video, and you can earn Receiving Messages as explained in step 1.

11 I know how to work a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard?

To get all the information go to

12 I want to have the MaterCard Payoneer prepaid card, what can I do?

To get the Payoneer card you need to send an e-mail request to where a New Prepaid Card as soon as we receive your request we will send you an e-mail where you simply follow the links Affiliate.

13 To have the Payoneer card I can use the links above where I read all the information on the card Payoneer MasterCard?

The links that we have made available was only to give you a couple of information on the card Prepaid Mastercard.

To request a new Payoneer Prepaid Card you must send an e-mail to soon as we receive your request we will send you an e-mail where you simply follow the links Affiliate.

22. How do I become a Model?

Back to the homepage and click on Become a Model

23. What do I need to register?

During registration, you will be asked to upload your valid identity document (front and back) and the contract performer (you must print, fill out, sign and scan)

24. I do not have a printer, how can I continue my registration?

The contract you can fill out electronically, how it works?

A. click contract (found in the first step of register) and then click the Save button to save it to your computer.

B. Now go to and install Adobe Reader

C. Once installed go to your desktop (or where you have installed) and click on the Adobe Reader icon and then click Open

D. Once open go to the top left and click on Open> now load the contract performer that you saved in step A

E. A Once opened click on "Compile and Signature" link at the top right click "Add Text" in order to fill out the form and then put the mouse cursor on the dots of the contract and enter all the required data on "Insert Signature" to sign with your name, such as Mario Rossi

H. once finished to complete and sign is that you do not go to the upper right clicking on File> Save .compliments you're done :)

25. What do I need to make a camgirl?

You need only a PC with a good quality webcam and a high speed internet connection UPLOAD (check out if your city is covered by optical fiber, check the upload speed, the higher the speed upload and easier it is to experience online as camgirl).

26 How do I check my upload speed?

Go on and take a test

27 I have to download a program in order to work? just have installed in the computer program the Flash Player if you do not have go to: recommend that you enter with the Google Chrome Browser since the program flash player and already built and is automatically updated when a new version of Flash Player.

28. Can I leave my empty room?

When in Free Chat absences in front of the webcam should not exceed 1 minute.

28.1 When I click on the "Go online" to go live at the top I see 3 boxes with text "Transmit this cam" what does it mean?

Each box and reserved for a webcam, eg if you have 3 webcams available and you want to do see in 3 different angles you can use this feature, but if you only have a webcam you have to choose only one box.

28.2 What type of chat "Available" that I find in my public room?

Available means that at the moment do not have any User / Guest in your room but the box will change color when you change session as blue: Free Chat, red: Private, violet: True Private etc..

28.3 What the "Members List" that I find in my public room?

Here you can find all Members / Guests who come into your chat.

28.4 thing and the "Menu" that I find in my public room?

In the menu you can find the volume of the microphone, "Beep on chat line" means that every time you write in chat makes a sound, "Beep on user entrance" this box you can choose if you want to hear the sound each time a user enters your Chat for example, if you read your E-mail and you are not attentive to this site beep helps you to understand that a user is entering your room.

28.5 What the "Music Player" that I find in my public room?

It is a tool provided by puntocams to make more entertainment, example: if you select a song, the user hears the song in real time.

28.6 I did a Private and a user has uploaded many times in a short period, what should I do?

When a new user comes into your room and makes refills many credits at one time, please make a report to and ask for assistance if it is an honest user or not.

You can also treat you a user who is using a stolen credit card even if it is unlikely to happen since puntocams works with two providers of market success as and but as I said above, and better if we send the message immediately so we check if it's alright.

29. what is KICK that I find in my public room?

The instrument Kick serves the user who, for example, is trying to change personal contact, advertise to another site, to offend the model, or other Users, etc.

When these things happen to want to write a and ask for help and not to abuse this tool even when you do not need.

30. What its BAN in my public room?

The BAN tool used to block a registered user who does not come to his room for more than 24 hours! Ban and authorized to use it only when there is a necessity, for example when the user is trying to change personal contact, advertise to another site, to offend the model or the other users, etc.

When these things happen we advise you to write a and ask for assistance and we recommend you not to abuse this tool even when you do not need or for some other reason not allowed.

31. Guest ?

The Guest and the new user or an existing user and that is not connected yet in his account.

32. As a user enters my room I see an icon flag of the country of origin?

Each time a user enters your, if you put the mouse cursor without clicking on the flag you will see the nation where it comes from.

33. Can I undress in Free Chat?

Yes, nudity is allowed in Free Chat only if the user has sent you the Tips.

34. What can I wear to the shows?

We ask you to wear something sexy, put your imagination to the test.

35. Accepted couples in live show?

Yes, we accept couples, single women, lesbians, etc.

36 How do I chat with friends and even alone?

To enter you must also load ID of your partner.

37. I'm a man I can I sign up to become a performer?

Sorry but we do not accept men.

38. If I sign up now, when I can start doing shows in webcam?

The inscriptions are approved within 24 to 48 hours.

39. Need help during your registration?

We have prepared a guide for you :)

GUIDE for registration as a performer:

Step 1:

Login = and the name under which you do the access to your account

Nickname = and the name which will appear on our site, we advise you not to confuse you register the same name for both the login that nickname; NOT allowed to choose the same nickname that is also used to access skype, in this way we avoid the Our models take away our users to do the show outside of our site.

City = the name will appear on your public profile if you do not want it to be public, just enter another.

Country = the name will appear on your public profile if you do not want it to be public, just put another country.

Region = the name will appear on your public profile if you do not want it to be public, just put another country .

Contract, the contract must be downloaded, completed and signed, after which they must be scanned and uploaded during the registration process if you do not have a printer / scanner you can compile it as explained in paragraph 24.

Please note: The contract must not be damaged or cut. Please provide the original document and complete.

Identification when registering you must upload a valid document: a document of identity, passport, driver's license (front / back)

Photo Face: ask the photos to prove this and that really her in the photo identity document sent.

Step 2:

Now I want to order the Payoneer Card: If you want to order it, just write "YES" in this field

I already have a paper Payonner: if you already have enough to write "YES" in this field

Minimum threshold in order to receive payments: you must enter the minimum when you want to be paid

Step 3 Subcategories:

If you'd like to show you a copy you need to upload also the identification of your partner

Step 4:

Choose the rate you want as explained in point 1

10 CHIPS = 1.00 EURO

Step 5:

Description: Describe yourself as best you can ..., this description will appear in your public profile, so the users know a little more about you.

Photo Profile: This photo will be your image that will appear on the main page of the site and in your public profile.

40. Can I upload the same photos that I have also uploaded on other sites where I work?

Puntocams does not accept the same photos that the model has already uploaded on other sites, esslusive for puntocams .

To check if a photo of his property is not already on another site, visit load the photo you want to insert, if the search engine does not give any result of it means that your photos has never been charged in the network and so it's good to be loaded on puntocams.

41. How do I know that the registration and been successful?

After finishing your registration of Step 5 will receive an e-mail confirmation within few minutes where they will simply click on the link conferm .If you see that you do not received any e-mail and try to check the junk mail (SPAM).

If you have already confirmed your e-mail confirmation but can not log into chat its because you have to wait the approval identification and the contract you will receive an e-mail confirmation when it will be approved, if by chance you find our e-mail to spam folder of your email account please choosenot SPAM so the next time you get in real time on your e-mail address.

42. If I sign up now, when I can start doing shows in webcam?

The inscriptions are approved within 24 to 48 hours.

43. I can not remember my password, what can I do?

Go to Home Page, going to the top right corner you'll find a drop down with a dart: User Model, etc.

You need to select "Model" and then have to click on the forgotten password then you must enter your LOGIN and E-MAIL ADDRESS .You will receve an e-mail within minutes of the request, then simply click on the link to update your password.

If you see you not received any e-mail try to check the junk mail (SPAM), maybe you find our e-mail in the spam folder of your email account please choose not SPAM so that the next you get in real time on your e-mail address.

44 Any other questions?

Take a look at the User Manual that you find on the inside of your account and go to read the agreement.

For any questions or further information please do not hesitate to contact us at

Contact us via Skype: punto.cams (and only this account skype official

Come and visit us on

WILMINGTON SUPPORT TEAM Monday to Friday from 10AM EDT -6PM-04: 00

Tel + 1-302-327-8446